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Explore our Case Studies page for a closer look at Pinto Carpentry's exceptional staircase and railing installation projects across New Jersey. Each case study reflects our commitment to craftsmanship, detailing the journey from initial design to final execution. Discover how we blend innovation with functionality, overcoming challenges to meet our clients' visions. Through these narratives and visuals, you'll see the difference our expertise makes in transforming spaces into remarkable homes. Be inspired by our dedication to quality and client satisfaction in every project.

Balcony & Stair Railing Makeover in Budd Lake, New Jersey

Before: Old Wooden System

The original staircase featured old, outdated wood railings that, while once stylish, now felt out of place in a modern home. The wear and tear over the years left them looking worn and lackluster, detracting from the home's overall aesthetic appeal. These railings, emblematic of a bygone era, failed to capture the contemporary vibe the homeowners desired, making the space feel dated and in dire need of an update.

After: Wood Railings with Metal Balusters

The transformation is remarkable, with the staircase now boasting a sleek, modern design that elevates the home's interior. The new wood rail complements modern box newels, creating a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary styles. The addition of black metal balusters, featuring an elegant twist and basket pattern, introduces a striking visual contrast that is both sophisticated and stylish. This update not only enhances the staircase's functionality but also turns it into a focal point of the home, reflecting the owners' vision for a modern, inviting space.

Before: Old Wood Pieces

Previously, the attic's railing was made from old, horizontal wood slabs that, while functional, lacked any visual appeal or modern aesthetic. This outdated design made the space feel closed off and uninviting, detracting from the attic's potential as a usable and enjoyable area of the home. The lack of sophistication and style in the railing's design highlighted the need for a significant update to bring the attic's look into the contemporary era.

Old Attic Railings Updated in Cranford, New Jersey

After: Sleek Modern Rail + Metal Balusters

The attic's transformation is nothing short of stunning. The old, horizontal wood slabs have been replaced with a modern and sleek railing system that immediately modernizes the space. The new design features elegant box newel posts that anchor the railing with a touch of sophistication, while the simple black bar balusters add a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. This update not only improves the safety of the attic space but also turns it into a stylish, inviting area that complements the home's overall contemporary design. The new railing system opens up the space, making it feel more spacious and welcoming.

Reimagined New Wooden Rails in Princeton, New Jersey