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Great Books About Woodworking and Carpentry for Every Skill Level

When we’re not out in the shop prepping rails and stairs, over in the office working up estimates, or over on job sites doing installs, you can find all of us indulging in our passions and hobbies. For some of us that looks like cycling races, joy rides on our motorcycles, knitting or crafting, walking our dogs, and even reading books.

Today, we’re going to focus on that last one on the list: reading! This latest blog post we’re going to share some great titles in books featuring woodworking and carpentry! They’re great reads for fun as well as being inspirational sources for your next DIY design or creative project idea, and they’re perfect for gifting for the holidays!

First on the list we’re highligh

ting Woodworking: Traditional Craft for Modern Living by Andrea Brugi and Samina Langholz. This beautiful hardbound book by a husband-and-wife woodworking duo features Scandinavian and Tuscan influenced projects. Learn some new woodworking skills as you explore twenty new projects for useful and decorative items in your home. We love it because they’re easy to follow step-by-step tutorials with beautiful, clear photography, as well as their passion for respecting and embracing each individual, unique piece of wood.

When it comes to no-nonsense instructional books for beginners, you’ll find everything you need about the basics in Build Stuff with Wood: Make Awesome Projects with Basic Tools by Asa Christiana. Learn how to use basic tools such as a cordless drill, jigsaw, router, and more, as well as basics of cutting and finishing. It features 14 fun projects that will start you on your journey to carpentry and woodworking in no time. We love it because we think it would make a great parent-child bonding experience to learn and create together.

One of the most beautiful styles of woodworking and furniture is Japanese design, and you can learn all about it in Simple Japanese Furniture: 24 Classic Step-By-Step Projects by Group Monomono. Choose from 24 different timeless, stylish furniture projects and challenge yourself to something new! Whether you’re interested in creating with hand tools or power tools, there’s something for you in this book. We love it because each project includes an overview and summary, notes on the difficulty and challenge leve, and clear instructions detailed with photos and illustrations.

One of the most fundamental yet challenging tasks of woodworking and carpentry is joinery techniques. In this step-by-step project guide, Foundations of Woodworking: Essential Joinery Techniques and Building Strategies by Michael Pekovich, you’ll learn the basics of wood joints with both power tools and hand tools alike. Projects are diverse and interesting, and it includes detailed photos of the joinery details with easy to read and comprehend text. We love that it includes a short chapter on the basics of wood selection, milling, and intro to the tools of the trade.

Beginner woodworkers and novice carpenters will love this photographic guide covering all of the essen

tial tools, terminology, and techniques. Woodworking: The Complete Step-By-Step Manual by DK covers all of the key elements of the field. You’ll learn the names of each tool, textures and grains of various types of wood, explore basic and intermediate woodworking techniques, and then try your hand at the included project ideas. We think this is a great addition to any carpenter’s woodshop for reference, but especially for those just beginning their journey.

If you’re looking to explore new wood types for your projects, learn about combining different materials, or explore sustainable lumber sources, then The Real Wood Bible by Nick Gibbs is going to get the job done! New editions of the book include helpful information on each of the covered 100 different materials that have now been rated for their sustainability status, making it easy to choose environmentally responsible lumber for your projects. You’ll find everything from how to choose a wood to harness its natural aesthetics and properties, to an in depth look at how lumber is sourced and processed. We really love that this guide includes information on how to source your own wood from trees as well as how to properly store your materials for future use.

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