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Great Kids Books About Carpentry, Construction, Tools, & More for International Children's Book Day

Pinto Carpentry a family owned and operated business, and we love to share that knowledge and passion with our children as well! As much as we love our job and what we do, what we love even more are the precious moments we share and time we spend with our families. Our favorite way to do those two things simultaneously is taking a little quality time to bond with our kids through laughter, play time, and of course reading stories!

Today, we’re celebrating International Children’s Book Day with a great list of storytime favorites that focus on carpentry, construction, building things, and tools. It’s a fantastic way to engage kids’ imaginations, spark their creativity, and inspire them to explore the field of carpentry and all its possibilities. Check out our picks and leave your favorite recommendations in the comments!

Tap Tap Bang Bang By Emma Garcia is perfect for children ages 1 to 4. With bright and colorful imagery and big, bold letters and plenty of interactive opportunities to act out or shout out sound effects, kids will be engaged from the moment you open the cover. Buy it here.

The Toolbox By Anne Rockwell and Harlow Rockwell is a wonderful option for children aged 1 to 4. Kids will explore all there is to find inside a toolbox! From learning their shapes to exploring texture and color, kids will discover a wealth of knowledge about hand tools and what purposes they serve. Buy it here.

Carpenter’s Helper By Sybil Rosen and illustrated by Camille Garoche is aimed at kids aged 3 through 7. This charming picture book carries a lesson about helping others, caring for our environment, and thinking outside the box to solve problems. We also love that this story centers around a little girl and her father working together on a home renovation, encouraging little girls to take risks, explore new opportunities, and become a tinkerer and maker. Buy it here.

Whose Tools Are These by Sharon Katz Cooper and illustrated by Amy Bailey Muelenhardt is part of the Whose Is It?: Community Workers series, aimed at kids ages 3 through 8. This is a career basics book showing different community workers and the different tools of the trade they use spanning all different types of jobs and careers. Buy it here.

Let’s Go to the Hardware Store by Anne Rockwell and Melissa Iwai as Illustrator is perfect for kids 4 through 7! This picture book takes a kid through the hardware store for new supplies to finish some home handiwork and repairs. They’ll explore different tools from small to large, and help them get excited about running basic errands with parents. The illustrations are accessible, colorful, and descriptive! Buy it here.

The House That She Built by Mollie Elkman and Illustrated by Georgia Castellano is perfect for kiddos 5 through 7 years old. They’ll follow the steps of what it takes to build a house from conception to finished home! We can’t get enough of this book as it covers all sorts of careers in construction from architect to framer to designer and more. It’s a wonderful STEM/STEAM related book, and all proceeds from the book sales go to supporting workforce development initiatives. What’s not to love? Buy it here.

Boxitects by Kim Smith is written for 4 through 7 year olds, and is an excellent lead-in to some great creative projects! Follow Meg and her friends as they explore endless possibilities for adventure and creativity using just cardboard boxes. Your kids will love these collorful pictures and be inspired to create some of their own inventions and structures. It’s got great lessons not only in STEM/STEAM based principles, but also interpersonal relationships, teamwork, and problem solving. Buy it here.

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