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How to choose a railing style that matches your home.

Perhaps you’re starting a series of renovations to fully transform your home from outdated to modern, or just making some much-needed updates and repairs to vital areas of your home. Before you can get down to business, you’ll need to wade through the deep waters of Interior Design Styles and Aesthetics. Thanks to the magic of the internet, we can find just about anything we want with a click of a button, but sometimes we can get a little too much information and it gets overwhelming. Let us throw you a lifejacket and help guide you through these uncharted waters with some simple navigation tips.

On today’s blog, we’ll get you on board with a few of the most modern design trends in home furnishing and design. You’ll be able to narrow down your options to the best style of railing that matches your home aesthetics, and have a picture-perfect Pinterest home with seamless design.

First things first, consider the safety of the folks in your home. It’s important to ensure that your railings will be installed according to local building codes, so you will need to make sure that your design choice has enough function as it does flair. If you have small children or pets, it may be wise to choose materials and design elements in which little bodies cannot get stuck or lodged between. You may wish to avoid using glass panels in the presence of children and opt for metal or wooden balusters and newels. Those with disabilities may need special accessibilities at lower heights, or handrails that accommodate a chair lift. It’s important to assess the accessibility needs and safety of each household member. Our expert stair and rail technicians can help guide you in selecting what will work best for your family’s functional needs, and find you the safest option within your style aesthetic

Secondly, consider the details. Look at the design elements of your home. What colors and textures repeat throughout? Are you embracing the natural feel and architecture of your home, or are you looking to create contrast and visual interest?

What are some of the most popular Trending Design Aesthetics for homes right now?

Design is ever-changing to reflect the popular culture and social issues of the times, but here are some of the aesthetics we’re currently seeing the most:

Mid Century Modern railing project with metal window style balusters installed by Pinto Carpentry.

Mid Century Modern - This style of home features vintage elements with earthy tones, warm metal accents, and rich woods such as Teak, Black Walnut, Bamboo, Oak, and Rosewood. With the popularity of retro television programs and vintage fashion and thrifting, the Mid Century Modern look is on the rise. If your home features MCM elements, you may wish to play with shapes and texture, such as featuring wrought iron or gold-toned balusters with geometric shapes set into warm tones of wood. Another popular feature of this home style is simple squared balusters and newels with narrow spacing. Some also opt for an entirely- wood design with custom cutout balusters and newels.

Industrial Modern Staircase made out of red oak treads and open stringers with stainless steel metal bar accents. Installed by Pinto Carpentry.

Industrial Design - This is a very popular design for homes in metropolitan areas, and is often found in older buildings converted from factories into condos, apartments, and multi-family buildings. It is a fairly minimalist design, featuring details of formerly commercial spaces such as exposed brick, raw elements, and weathered wood, combined with luxe materials like leather, linen, and matte metal accents. This color palette usually features heavy neutrals with pops of deep reds, luscious dark greens, and steel blue tones. This style embraces the “unfinished” look and features may appear to be reclaimed or recycled materials. This trendy design often features wrought iron pipe-style balusters, straight matte metal balusters, or even industrial cable accents between wood or metal newels.

Coastal style railings with traditional box newel post & primed white square balusters installed by Pinto Carpentry,

Coastal Cottage - This interior look often includes nautical themed design elements

and clean modern lines.Many homes in this style feature floating treads, rope-style handrails, knotwork, white wood elements, and bleached wood colors. Traditional woods featured in Nautical design are Teak, Mahogany, and white oak. You may see accents of glass panels, ala a ship’s decking, or white painted balusters with light-wood newels, or navy blue, teal, and sea-green painted accents. Other homes opt for thick rope detailing or modern cable design, with rustic salvaged “driftwood” style staining or bleached hardwoods.

If you’d like to add a little flair and pizazz, you can even request oar-shaped balusters to alternate with square box balusters as an accent.

Farmhouse Aesthetic - This design combines utilitarian functionality with modern country living. You’ll see a combination of antiqued elements, dark metal accents, wood paneling, and a combination of weathered wood for a reclaimed look along with new, natural stained wood. These homes often feature a homey, countryside, shabby chic look with dark and light wood, neutral painted woods in grey, tan, white, and chalk paint accents.

Barnhouse renovation rails with simple satin black metal balusters and traditional box newel posts installed by Pinto Carpentry.

Do you have a home style that’s not listed here? No problem!

The expert carpenters, builders, and installation technicians here at Pinto Carpentry are here to help. We’re happy to help customize any design to fit your lifestyle and are able to special order or custom make things to fit any decor style.

Call us today for a custom quote to fit your look and budget.

We can’t wait to work with you!

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