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National Read a Book Day: Amazing Books about Woodworking, Carpentry, Nature, and Forests

Updated: Apr 22

old man in library reading a book

Today is National Read a Book Day! We’re highlighting some of our picks for great reads about woodworking, DIY projects, carpentry, and other related content. These would make a great gift for the holidays, birthdays, or any special occasion for a carpenter or woodworker in your life!

guide to trees by david allen sibley

This is an indispensable guide to North American forests and trees for any nature enthusiast. Covering more than 600 native trees and other global varieties through over 4,000 incredibly detailed paintings alongside easy-to-digest information. David Allen Sibley is a renowned bird-guide author and illustrator, and he’s poured an immense amount of passion into this gorgeous guide.

journeys of trees by zach st. george

A majestic blend of scientific information and poetic travel writing, this book highlights the giant sequoia, ash tree, black spruce, Florida torreya, and Monterey Pine. Journalist Zach St. George travels across the globe to get an up-close-and-personal look at these trees, and learn about the history of forest ecosystems, talk to activists and biologists and foresters, and other key topics about forestry and ecology. It’s an honest, thoughtful investigation into our relationship to our environment, and what we can do to preserve ecosystems, and help our planet thrive and flourish.

the man who made things out of trees

Author Robert Penn travels the world from Wales to Europe to America, learning all about Ash Trees and Ash Wood as a sustainable resource. He explores how many things he can make from this one tree, as well as the history of traditional craftsmanship, and methods in modern-day woodworking.

Good Clean Fun Book by Nick Offerman

Actor, Comedian, Host of “Making It” and woodworker in his spare time, writer Nick Offerman talks about his experiences as a professional carpenter. The book gives a behind the scenes look into the process and products from the Offerman Woodshop, including everything from canoes to combs to kazoos and cozy chairs! It’s a collection of history, humor, and hand-crafted anecdotes.

a splintered history of wood book

Carpenter and Writer Spike Carlsen explores the history, global impact, and personal connection to wood as a global resource and vital part of daily life. A little dash of science, a little touch of technology, and a whole lot of heart and curiosity are packed within the pages of this informative book.

the soul of a tree book

Written by master woodworker and craftsman carpenter George Takashima, this is a thoughtful look at his life, his experience, and his process. You’ll find inspiration and information between these pages through anecdotes, personal sketches, and gorgeous photographs. It’s a wonderful book for any woodworking enthusiast or passionate carpenter.

wood shop handy skills for kids book

A must-have for any creative, curious kid in your midst! This is a fantastic introductory primer to woodworking and building projects with kid-friendly instructions and exciting projects to inspire. From games to carry-alls to lanterns and more, there’s plenty of things for tiny tinkerers and miniature makers with 17 different options.

woodworking for kids book

Maybe you’ve got an insatiable maker and curious kiddo who can’t stop creating and building imaginative structures, or perhaps you’re looking to excite an inquisitive mind. Either way, this book of 40 projects is sure to delight little woodworkers in the making! Kids will learn an introduction to safety, a primer about materials and technique, and follow easy-to-read instructions with quality step-by-step photographs. This would be a wonderful gift for family bonding time!

a walk through the woods book

This beautiful book features hand-cut paper artwork to highlight and illustrate lush and magical poetry to introduce children to the animals of woodland environments. It’s a fantastic way to connect children to nature and forest wildlife in an interactive and captivating format.

tall tall tree book

A terrific tribute to the tall Redwoods of California coastal forests, this scientifically accurate and beautifully illustrated book is perfect for younger readers. It’s a fantastic blend ot STEAM activities combined with clever rhymes, nature illustrations, and counting games! Your family will love it.

man on a couch reading a book

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