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Pinto Carpentry Celebrates America Recycles Day with Easy Scrap Wood Projects for Holiday Gifts

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

wood shavings

Did you know that after concrete products, wood is the second greatest waste product of the construction industry? Today, for America Recycles Day, we’re taking a look at different things we can reuse, repurpose, and recycle when it comes to wood scraps and related waste products. Wood makes up anywhere from 20% to 30% of debris and 10% of landfill materials annually.

man looking at pile of wood logs

Wood is categorized into four groups of waste products including clean recycled wood, industrial feedstock grade, fuel grade, and hazardous waste. The materials which can be reclaimed and recycled by industrial suppliers on a larger scale are often repurposed to create the following:

  • Chipboard and Fiberboard

  • Logs and fuel chips for commercial fuel

  • Landscaping mulch

  • Fiber composite products

  • Small Animal and Livestock bedding shavings

  • Natural pathways

  • Playground surfaces

  • Presswood pallets

pressed wood

On a smaller scale, carpenters and contractors can repurpose wood into projects to use in their own home, their woodshops. We sometimes use the scraps when training new employees, assistants, and apprentices or while testing repairs on our machinery. Sometimes, even our children learn the tools and tricks of the trade on small whittling projects or with hand tools! It’s also great to use scrap for fun woodworking projects as a hobby. Common things we’ve used scrap wood to create include: coffee tables, hardwood cutting boards, children’s desk and chairs, custom shelves, charcuterie and serving boards, coasters, mail holders, and even shelving in the woodshop.

man shaping wood piece

Let’s take a look at some small scale options to use up any scrap you may have around the shop:

  • Building Blocks for kids are a great way to use up old scrap. You can sand them down, apply a nice matte or glossy stain to them, and cut them down in all shapes and sizes! We recommend triangles, rectangles, and cubes to start. Once you’ve got the hang of things, you can try rounded arches, cylindrical pieces, and even nesting shapes.

  • Holiday Ornaments are a great family-friendly project and perfect for gifting to loved ones! You can create mittens, winter animals, snowflakes, hats and more by using a lathe, carving them by hand, or cutting them out with a router or scroll saw. Kids and teens can paint them for a personal touch, or you can finish them with lacquer or stain for a more natural, rustic feel. Don’t have any fancy equipment? Get creative with blocks and small pieces of wood by leaving them as is and painting scenery and winter icons!

  • Drawer Dividers and office supply organizers are a fantastic idea to use up smaller scraps. Just cut the wood to fit your drawer measurement and glue the pieces together, and place inside a drawer to keep your pens, paperclips, even screws and nails or the like separate from the other clutter.

  • Make yourself some unique picture frames like this Tilting Wood Frame, DIY Picture Frame, and DIY Photo hanger. Pop a family portrait in the frame and gift it to your loved ones this holiday season! It’s a unique and memorable gift idea

man in wood shop with table saw, looking at wood samples

Here are some great YouTube tutorials and ideas to make your own gifts for the holidays from leftover wood to create your scrap wood project! We love these creative and easy gift ideas with a whimsical and very personal touch

Scrap Wood Projects:

Got a fireplace or wood burning stove? Learn how to turn Scrap wood into kindling thanks to the crew at This Old House:

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