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Pinto Carpentry's Fave Cookie Recipes, Construction Cookie Cutters, Wood Serving Board Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

The holidays are here! It’s time to get into the spirit of the season with some festive snacks! We’re throwing a few pieces of scrap wood into the fireplace and cozying up with a hot cup of tea and a big ol’ plate of cookies. Today, we’re going to celebrate National Cookie Day by sharing some of our favorite cookie recipes for the holidays!

The Pinto Carpentry Shop Cats and Office Cats would be devastated if we didn’t share some pet friendly cookies of course. And we can’t forget our beloved pets! We’ve also rounded up our picks for fun woodworking and construction themed cookie cutters. You know, just in case you’ve got a hankering to bake up a nice plate of cookies to share with your favorite carpenters and contractors! (Hint! Hint!)

Great Gluten Free Cookie Recipes We Love

More Great Cookie Recipes To Share

Great Holiday Cookie Recipes for Homemade Pet Treats

If you’re looking for great cookie cutter options to gift a cookie tray to your general contractor or favorite woodworker and carpenter, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Here’s a great set on Amazon for under $20 that includes 5 pieces like a drill, hammer, wrench, pliers and a little house!


some miniature treats that are perfect for stuffing into gift bags with some candies and other goodies. This set of 6 mini cookie cutters includes hardware tools such as a saw, screwdriver, and hammer! It’s a steal at just $10 on Amazon.

These construction themed cookie cutters have 9 different designs at a bargain price of $10! They include a safety hardhat, pliers, a spanner, and more! Perfect for contractors and engineers to decorate with the kiddos.

And we can’t forget that presentation is half the game when it comes to holiday cookies. Why not gift these delicious homemade cookies on these beautiful serving boards as a host or hostess gift!

We love this beautiful rustic, custom cutting board from RusticFlitch on Etsy! It’s completely personalizable and customizable.

For the baker or chef in your life that loves handmade and woodworking items for the kitchen, we recommend this hilarious Snoop Dog Rapper inspired chopping/serving board that says “Chop it Like It’s Hot” from LaserChimp on Etsy.

We love a good custom cutting board with beautiful exotic woods and fine details, and this one by AmazingWoodDesign on Etsy fits the bill! It’s truly stunning.

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