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Pinto Carpentry's Practical Gift Guide for Woodworkers and Carpenters

We spend our days installing railings and stairs, but we thought we’d branch out into some other areas of the internet, too. Like this handy-dandy gift guide for all things woodworking and great gifts for carpenters! Wondering what to get the craftsman in your life? Stumped on what your favorite woodworker “wood” like to receive for the holidays? Well, good thing Pinto Carpentry is here to help!

Today we’re sharing our picks for great handmade woodwork artists and creators to support, as well as practical gifts that any carpenter or woodworker would love to have. Got a shop or suggestion that you think our readers would enjoy? Let us know in the comments below!

We’ll start off with the practical gift giving ideas first, and then follow it up with some gorgeous fine works of art that your recipients are sure to adore.

Practical Holiday Gift Ideas for Carpenters and Woodworkers

Keep those carpenters and wood crafters busy this winter with a subscription to Woodcraft Magazine. It’s got all sorts of inspirational photography and DIY projects with patterns you can download and print to create yourself! It’s just the thing you need for planning your spring creations.

For all those projects that require you to draw precise m

easurements and placement holes in awkward spaces, we recommend the Deep Hole Mechanical pencil from Dixon. With a narrow tip to get into hard to reach places, its built in sharpener for convenience, and bright yellow hi-vis case, you’ll find it a must-have addition to your tool kit.

This complete set of woodworking hand tools from Garrett Wade is incredibly beautiful and impressive. Includes a Japanese Ryoba Saw, 4 piece chisel set, a block plane, smoothing plane, and spokeshave. It’s one of the more pricier options on this list, but makes a great group gift or a top tier choice for that someone special.

These Levoite brand precision clamping squares are an indispensable tool in any woodworker or carpenter’s tool kit! Crafting fine objects with perfect 90 degree angles will be a cinch thanks to their precise and stable clamps. With easy-to-grip knobs, corner shaped clamps, and perfectly CNC machined singular aluminum pieces, they’re going to be a surefire hit for the perfectionist.

We are huge fans of this Readywares Tool Apron made of 20oz waxed canvas. It’s protected against spills and tears, adjustable to fit many sizes and body shapes, and has many fantastic pockets for tools and tidbits.

Need something a little more compact and convenient than a full apron? Why not grab this SuperWaist Apron by Bucket Boss. It’s got 13 pockets and 2 h

ammer loops, making it comfortable and convenient enough for everyday use on the job. It’s also made of heavy-duty Duckwear Canvas, so it’s durable and tough for any project!

Anyone who works in a shop knows that protecting their hearing from loud machinery, constant sawing sounds, and other high-decibel tools is a must. We love this comfortable and convenient, and ridiculously affordable headset. The Honeywell Howard Leight Quiet Band is under $15 at sites like Amazon and Walmart, comes with its own carrying bag, prevents the ear pods from being contaminated with its convenient design, and has super comfortable ear protection.

Gorgeous Woodworking Art Pieces That Are Great for Gifting


love these incredible precision crafted puzzles and learning tools from South Bend Woodworks. Each of these puzzles is made right here in the US, so you can rest confidently knowing you’re supporting our economy directly. Smooth, fine sanding and expertly painted and varnished, these custom puzzles are going to be a real hit with the woodworker’s kiddo in your life. We also love that their products include American Sign Language (ASL) puzzles, which is a lovely and inclusive gift!

For a truly unique, one-of-a-kind gift, we recommend this incredible hand forged custom Viking inspired pizza cutter and camping axe from RavenVikingStore on Etsy!

While we’d all love to spend every waking moment working on our carpentry and woodworking projects, the reality is we also do spend a lot of time in front of a screen or at our desks. We love this ergonomic laptop holder and gorgeous computer rest from Oakywood on Etsy.

For the carpenter and woodworker that loves to entertain, we recommend this custom personalized charcuterie and beer flight plank serving board! You can select your choice of wood stain finish, and whether you’d like individual planks or trays, or prefer to have it as a set. Additionally, there’s an option to engrave with your personal design or saying. Get your boards at LeftCoastOriginal on Etsy!

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