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Pinto Carpentry's Trend Alert for Interior Design Spring and Summer 2023

Spring is finally here, but this warm weather has us wishing for Summer already! Today on the blog we’re sharing our tips and tricks for the latest trends in interiors for late Spring and Summer.

As you know, we see quite a few different homes each week during our railing and staircase installs. We’ve been keen to monitor some of the latest trends and interior design looks as we go along, and here’s some of the things we’ve noticed. Gloomy greys are now a thing of the past! We are banishing beige and saying goodbye to washed out neturals. It’s time for a punch of color: let’s bring the outdoors to the inside with bold blues, rich earthy hues, and natural texture and patterns!

The next two seasons are all about getting creative, artistic, and tapping into our wild side. Thinking about updating your home with a fresh coat of paint? Time to think about accent walls with vibrant color, bold print rollers, and patterned vinyl wallpaper. Adorn those walls with vivid abstract art, creative frames around prints, and imagery featuring leaves, flowers, animals, and nature-inspired geometric shapes.

Nature Inspired Geometric Art Prints

HELLSTROMprints on Etsy's Geometric Mountain Wall Art Print Set

SoulCurry on Etsy's Wildwood Floral Abstract Art Print

Cheetah Green Wall Art Print by Posterami on Etsy

IrisWallART on Etsy's Original Large Nature Plant Oil Painting on Canvas Abstract

Large Green Leaves Modern Wall Art by BeanDaikon on Etsy

Metallic accents are hot right now in warm color schemes like bronze, yellow gold, brass, and rose gold, which makes a fantastic complement to warm neutrals!

Green Melted Vase by MidaWorkshop on Etsy

Metallic Set of 3 Metal Tealight Candle Holders by ArteperaWallArtDecor on Etsy

Gold Leaf Luxury Selenite Candle Holders from CanyonCrystals on Etsy

And, of course, you’ll want to add some brilliant, bold blues like cobalt, royal blue, cerulean, and navy blue. Painted blue cabinetry accents and furniture is way in, and washed grey or pastel chalk paints are O-U-T!

Blue Nightstand End Table Hand Painted Refurbished Furniture by GrayArmoireVintage on Etsy

Blue Vintage Look Wall Shelf Reproduction by ArtChefChaouen on Etsy

If you prefer a less punchy style and are into minimalism or a more natural aesthetic, opt in for the more understated colorful palette such as earth tones in terracotta browns, ivory whites, warm neutrals like peach or rose, and verdant greens inspired by gardens. Lime plaster finished walls, exposed brick, and venetian plaster are all subtle ways to add natural texture and visual interest to a room without overdoing it.

As for accessories and furniture, it’s all about sustainability and natural fabrics. Opt for couch covers and upholstery made of bamboo, jute, and linen. Lean into accessories featuring fluted edges, metallic fixtures, and natural looking stains. Another popular option is sourcing furniture from vintage resellers, estate sales, and thrift stores. Mixing the old with the new shows resourcefulness, a green mindset, and adds a lot of visual interest! Choose furniture made of natural rattan and wicker, bamboo, and sustainably sourced woods. When it comes to updating railings, stairs, flooring, and cabinetry, materials such as cherry, oak, red oak, and bamboo as well as “reclaimed wood” are all in high demand.

Soft Knitted Throw Blankets with Tassel in Warm Neutrals by SUNNYDZYNS on Etsy

Linen Table Runners by SandSnowLinen on Etsy

Blue Tiger Pattern Table Cloth by NabisFabric on Etsy

Millennial plant parents will also rejoice, for your time has finally come! Decorating with live foliage in the form of giant green leaves, trailing vines, spiky snake plants, and tall indoor trees are on the up-and-up for interior trends. Succulents and air plants make great pops of green and the flowering varieties can add a lot of pizazz to contrast with neutral furniture or earth-toned furniture.

Looking for some great local plant shops to snag yourself some greenery? Look no further, because we have a great list for you:

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