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New Homeowner's Guide: What to Look For When Hiring A Stair Contractor

Updated: Apr 10

We appreciate that so many of our clients turn to Pinto Carpentry time and time again, and are happy to have built a strong reputation for being a top tier stair building company in New Jersey. Whether it’s for new construction, updates, or repairs, we’re happy to be the stair company that folks turn to for reliability and professional service. But you might find yourself wondering, how does a new homeowner or business owner even find a stair contractor in the first place? We’re glad you asked!

contractor speaking with another contractor

We’ll help guide you through some important questions you should be asking your stair building company, as well as sharing different ways our clients have found us.  Whether you’re local to New Jersey and seeking a company who works in your area, or you’ve stumbled across our blog while searching for a wooden stair builder, here are some tips and tricks to finding a reputable stair building company to meet your needs.

Once you’ve scoured the internet to create your shortlist of contractors on sites like Angi, Houzz, HomeAdvisor, and even Pinterest, you’ll need to whittle down your choices (pardon the carpentry pun, haha!) and find the top three in your price range and request a bid.  You can narrow down your choices in stair contractors by looking for these key things:

L shaped all wooden staircase

Look for an experienced stair building company that does this full time. 

  • While it’s great to hire local handypersons and fun to work with DIYers with passion for smaller projects, this is a vital element of your home and business. You should entrust your stairs to the most experienced contractors with a long history of installs. Don’t be shy to ask how long they’ve been working as a stair builder.  They should not only have experienced carpenters and stair builders, but a knowledgeable office and sales staff as well.  Professional, experienced employees of the company will be able to guide you to the proper project regulations, be familiar with industry terminology, and ensure you have a finished project that meets code regulations.  Experienced stair companies also know exactly where their materials and supplies are coming from, and have cultivated reliable, sustainable relationships with their suppliers.

Feel free to request references and check reviews online. 

  • You’ll want to select a company who has a reliable history. They should be familiar with up to date building codes and safety regulations in the areas they’re working in. They’ll also have appropriate licensing to work in the region.  Look at their website, their social media, or request reference photos from past projects which will demonstrate a history of working on projects like yours.  A stair company who responds professionally to any negative feedback online is also very vital; the company’s reply should always be professional, courteous, and handled with grace.

They should have multiple points of contact and are easy to communicate with when you need to.

  • While not every carpentry shop will have a woodshop open to the public, they should be easily reachable by phone, e-mail or other form of direct communication.  A reputable stair company will have a static location they work from, and multiple points of contact.  You should expect your them to use professional means of communication such as a work phone number, dedicated work email, and professional social media channels.

Ask if they work as a solo carpenter or if they have a team. 

  • While solo craftsmen are equally professional to teams, the job will take much longer with one person at the helm as opposed to several people working together.  Working with a team of stair contractors and installers means the job will move along at a reasonable pace, ensuring less delays overall for your stair build.

Inquire up front if they offer finishing or staining services. 

  • Not all stair companies offer this service. It is important to know if the company you choose will complete this or if you require a third party. Sometimes this is covered by the general contractor on site if part of a larger renovation project.  The company will be able to let you know about this step.

Get a clear, concise written estimate and commitment. 

  • In order for things to go smoothly, make sure there is a detailed estimate with descriptions of the type of stair material and style of stair you’re looking for. The stair company should also supply you with an estimated range for the total cost of the project. Any changes or updates made after the initial estimate should be recorded in writing so that expectations are very clear and well-communicated.  You may be requested to send photographs of the current stairs in need of replacement; this will help the company get you a more precise and realistic estimate for your staircase.  Feel free to kindly request multiple price points of materials, so that you can explore your options and select the best one for your aesthetics and budget purposes.

custom wood block staircase

At Pinto Carpentry, our 20+ years of industry experience have given us the confidence and reputation as a leading name in stair contractors for New Jersey. If you’re looking to improve your home or business’s stairs, or you're a general contractor working on new construction requiring a wooden stair builder, give us a call! Our trusted staff would be happy ro speak with you and provide a detailed estimate for quality stairs.

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