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Budget Friendly Holiday Gift Guide for Carpenters, Contractors, and Construction (Gifts under $200)

It’s tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime! The holidays are almost here, and with it comes the return of our beloved Gift Guides!

Get your fav

rite handyman a gift that will really knock their socks off this year. We’ve scoured the internet to find you the best deals on the best gadgets. The Pinto Carpentry Gift Guide series is here to help take the guesswork out of gift giving to your favorite woodworkers and carpenters. Everything on this list is priced between $10 and $200, with plenty of budget friendly gifts that won’t break the bank. Forget about tiny tots with their eyes all aglow, you’ve never seen happier faces than when your favorite contractor opens a gift to find one of these bad boys on our list!

Budget Friendly Gift Buying Ideas for Carpenters, Contractors, and Construction for Less than $200!

First up on our list is the Contour Gauge tool with lock. It’s fully adjustable and can help you get precise measurements when tiling, cutting, or measuring just about anything. It’s reusable, easy to store, and conveniently portable making it great for home use and contractors on the go. Get it on Amazon.

This T-Bevel Gauge and Protractor with 2-in-1 Digital Angle finder levels up your toolkit. With expanded accuracy and 0-360 degree measurements, you can use this tool for interior or exterior angle measurements alike. Easy collapsible, foldable design and fits in its own carrying case for travel. Perfect for any toolkit for home or on-site use. Available on Amazon.

The 2-in-1 Laser Tape measure from Prexiso is the perfect upgrade to your toolbox for 2024. You have the option to use traditional pull-out manual tape measure with extra wide blade, lock, and magnets, as wesll as a laser measure feature with on-screen measurements. Grab it now on Amazon.

Protect your hands from injury and prevent kickback with this durable table saw pushblock. Bundle it together with an electronic, digital level and angle gauge for the ultimate christmas gift under $100! Get ‘em on Amazon here.

The Katfort Mini Hand Planer is a beautiful, high quality tool with adjustable blade length. Great for detail woodworking. It’s another great budget friendly option for a stocking stuffer or thoughtful holiday gift. Get it on Amazon here.

This gorgeous Japanese pull saw hand saw by Suizan is a stunning gift option. With replaceable blades available, you can get the saw with a handle and add-on extra blade for under $100. Crafted from high-grade Japanese steel, and manufactured by master craftsmen with a 100+ year history and process. It’s lightweight, powerful, and provides a precise, clean edge. Get it on Amazon here!

Snag this multifunctional woodworking 3D positioning ruler and marking tool from SunsetBabyArtStore on Etsy. Comes in your choice of two colors (blue, grey). Package includes one ruler and one pencil and is available here.

This gorgeous hand-forged chisel can be purchased individually or as a set which includes 6 pieces of woodworking tools. Or, you can select each chisel individually and create your own custom set (Check your desired options in the “TYPE” box to ensure you’ve selected the full set or individual tools of your choice, 10mm-50mm or a set of 6) Sold here on Etsy by SharkForge.

When it comes to custo

m woodworkers tools, there’s nothing out there like these hardwood maple and walnut mallets by BensBearBoards on Etsy. Select from one of two options (Brown with white accent, White with brown accent) and wow your loved ones with this gorgeous custom made mallet.

Last but not least on our first gift guide of the season is this truly magnificent Carpenters Draw Knife, forged by hand and made with rosewood handles from EverestEdge on Etsy. It’s sharpened and ready to use right out the gate and comes with this beautiful leather case. You’ll love it so much you’ll definitely need to order one for yourself, too!

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