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It's National Tree Day: Fun Facts about NJ Trees and Print At Home Nature Coloring Pages

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

It’s National Tree Week! Of course, being that our business focuses on wood and lumber projects such as custom stair builds and custom railings, we have quite the soft spot for natural plants, trees, and beautiful foliage. Today, we’re celebrating with some fun coloring pages and a list of fun facts about trees in our beloved home state, New Jersey!

Here are some fun facts about forests and trees in our state:

  • Did you know that the New Jersey State Tree is the Red Oak? It was designated as the state tree in June of 1950. The Red Oak is a hardwood tree with pointed-lobed leaves and produces a lot of acorns. (We use it quite a bit for our custom railings and stairs!)

  • 42% of New Jersey is forested land, according to the US Forest Service.

  • There are five natural communities (types of forests) in New Jersey: Northern Hardwoods, Oak-Hickory, Oak-Pine, Pitch-Shortleaf Pine, and Mixed Lowland Forest.

  • Trees that can be found in the Garden State include: Red Maple, Eastern White Pine, American Holly, Black Cherry, Blue Spruce, Silver Maple, Eastern Hemlock, American Basswood, Flowering Dogwood, Black Tupelo, River Birch, Eastern Redbud, Pin Oak, Dogwood, Oak, American Elm, Sugar Maple, White Oak, Eastern Red Cedar, American Beech, American Sycamore, Tulip Tree, Douglas Fir, Magnolia.

Downloadable Coloring Pages of New Jersey Tree Foliage and Branches

Enjoy our print at home nature coloring pages! To download the coloring pages, right click on each one and save to your computer or smartphone. Alternatively, you can right click and select Print to print right from our blog. They’re formatted in 8.5”x11 to print cleanly on your average household printer! Feel free to color them in and tag us on Instagram at @Pintocarpentrynj or email us a picture of your colored in pages at pintocarpentrynj(at)

print out coloring page of flowering dogwood

print out coloring page red maple leaf

print out coloring page black tupelo

print out coloring page Eastern Red Cedar

print out coloring page eastern magnolia

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