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Transform Your Space with Expertise: The Insider’s Guide to Hiring a Master Railing Installer

Updated: Apr 10

At Pinto Carpentry, we’ve been honing our skills and gathering the know-how to install your railings with the utmost precision for more than two decades.  You can count on our indoor railings to be crafted with precision, installed with the utmost safety and adherence to updated code regulations, and created from quality materials. Needless to say, we’ve learned all the ins-and-outs of the railing installation business, but we understand that not every client who comes to us has carpentry and construction as a part of their daily lives. So, we’d love to share our knowledge about railing contractors to help you learn what to look for when hiring a railing installation company!

entryway of home with contrasting white and black elements, showing white staircase with black railings

Do I really Need a Professional Railing Installer and Railing Contractor? Let’s discuss!

You may have been asking yourself, “Do I really need a professional railing installer?” While we appreciate that there are plenty of folks out there with a keen eye for carpentry and woodworking, and lots of enthusiastic DIYers eager to learn, there’s really nothing comparable to years of work history and railing installation experience.

It certainly can be tempting to watch some videos on HGTV and get bit by the renovation bug! But while railing installations may seem simple, most go beyond just attaching a piece of wood and some brackets to a wall. Additionally, materials available at the average hardware store or commercial retailer may not be as high quality as those available to railing companies, which will save you money in the long run needing replacements down the road. The DIY approach might be tempting, but we advise you err on the side of caution, and utilize your creativity elsewhere in your home where you’ll have free reign to be as creative as you wish!

Let’s talk about the benefits of hiring a railing installation company!

Indoor handrails are not just aesthetic, though there are plenty of ways to customize them to your tastes, but they’re also very functional and integral to the safety of our homes. The craft requires precise measurements and skilled mathematics, specialized tools for installation, and quality materials for safety and longevity.  A professional railing installer will know how to install handrails as well as a full balustrade, and will have the specialized tools to install them without damaging your walls or stairs.  

railing installer measuring height of indoor wooden railings

How do I find a reputable Railing Company?

To find a railing installer, you’ll want to check websites like Angie’s List, Houzz, Pinterest, and other contractor related search databases. 

Look for an experienced Railing Installation Company that does this full time!

Don’t be shy to ask how long they’ve been working as a railing installation company. They should not only have experienced carpenters and handrail contractors, but a knowledgeable office and sales staff as well.  Professional, experienced employees of the company will be able to guide you to the proper project regulations, be familiar with industry terminology, and ensure you have a finished project that meets code regulations.  Experienced staff will be able to help guide you to the correct spacing, proper heights, and have the ability to blend artful aesthetic with precise technical measurements.

A solid railing company will also be able to help you find the happy medium between beautiful aesthetics and proper safety. A company that works local to your area will have a portfolio of work that reflects the options that are available to you as a homeowner, too; different states and cities have different regulations, so your professional railing installer will know what materials and styles are able to be installed in your area.

Review your railing installer's portfolio of recent work on their website and social media, and look at online reviews from recent and past customers.

You’ll want to select a company who has a reliable history and is fully licensed, provides a safe working environment while in your home, and is up to date with recent regulations and building codes. Failure to correctly install a railing can lead to safety issues and serious injury, so you’ll want to choose someone who works consistently with up to date building codes and safety standards.  Look at their website, their social media, or request reference photos from past projects which will demonstrate a history of working on indoor railing projects like yours.  If you’re looking for something complex, make sure the handrail contractor’s portfolio will match the style and look you’re requesting.

Ensure that your railing contractor can be easily reached and has reliable communication.

It’s worth noting that not every carpentry shop and railing contractor will have a woodshop open to the public for safety reasons. However, they should still be easily reachable by phone, e-mail or other form of direct communication.  A reputable railing company will have a static location they work from, and multiple points of contact.  You should expect your railing contractor to use professional means of communication such as a work phone number, dedicated work email, and professional social media channels.

Be flexible and open minded, and know that your railing installer wants to give you the best of the best in aesthetics, but that safety is always paramount!

You want to choose a railing contractor that will prioritize safety and functionality. Some wood or metal materials may offer more longevity and strength than others.  Your handrail contractor will be able to guide you to finding the best middle-ground, and should be able to offer you railing material styles at multiple price points to help you find the best one that suits your budget.  Safety is our number one concern and that includes selecting quality materials and adhering to proper installation. We will never use low quality materials or install things against code regulations simply to meet a visual goal.  However, we will always do our best to ensure that your indoor railings are as beautiful as they are safe!

staircase showing new railings with a modern look

Verify up front if they offer finishing or staining services, or if there are pre-primed materials available in your price point.

Not all railing companies offer this service. (Relatedly, some materials may only be offered pre-primed or finished in higher price point ranges.) It is important to know if your company will complete this or if you require a third party. Sometimes this is covered by the general contractor on site if part of a larger renovation project.  Your railing contractor will be able to let you know about this step, or they may be able to source specialized materials.

Get a clear, concise written estimate, and ensure adjustments are clearly noted in writing before work begins.  In order for things to go smoothly, make sure there is a detailed estimate with descriptions of the type of indoor handrail material and style of balusters, handrail, and newels you desire. The company should be able to supply you with an estimated range for the total cost of the railing project. Any changes or updates made after the initial estimate should be recorded in writing so that expectations are very clear and well-communicated.  You may be requested to send photographs of the current indoor handrail in need of replacement; this will help your railing contractor and the salesperson get you a more precise and realistic estimate for your handrail.

At Pinto Carpentry, our 20+ years of industry experience have given us the confidence and reputation as a leading name in railing installers and handrail contractors for New Jersey. If you’re looking to improve your home or business’s indoor railings, or you're a general contractor working on new construction requiring an indoor railing carpenter and installer, give us a call! Our trusted staff would be happy to speak with you and provide a detailed estimate for quality custom handrail.

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