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Celebrating World Octopus Day with Nautical and Octopus Themed Home Decor

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Once you’ve updated your home with new railings and stairs from the crew here at Pinto Carpentry, it’s time to spruce up the rest of your home’s interior! Today, we’re sharing our picks for super fun interior decorating accessories with a twist: 8 wiggly legs. That’s right, today is World Octopus Day, and we’ve scoured the internet in depth to find the most fun, whimsical, and quirky Octopus themed home design ideas and unique decor accent pieces. Check it out!

First up, we’ve got these gorgeous octopus and ocean themed color palettes for you to use as inspiration. You’ll find inspiring seafoam green, seaglass blue and purple, sandy neutrals, stormy greys, and cool nautical hues. A peaceful paint palette like these will call to mind a shell-strewn, sandy beach with soft waves against the shore just before tide.

If you’re looking to add some textural accents to compliment these paint hues, we recommend natural wood, rope, sandy and stucco textures, natural stone, linen fabrics, antiqued brass, items with mother of pearl or shell inlay. Rounded edge or circular tems will recall the shapes found in port windows and the captain's wheel, as well as tentacle suckers. Spiral designs are also a great option to draw in the eye like a curled tentacle or sliced snail shell.

wooden octopus wall figure decor

Woodworkers will love the challenge here to create this Wood Intarsia Octopus! You’ll need Walnut, Maple, and Oak in order to complete this 10”x8” wood carving and wood burning project. Grab the digital pattern here from TSladeWoodCreations and DIY yourself some gorgeous home decor.

wooden octopus wall figure  with a ship stearing wheel beneath it

If you’re not into the DIY lifestyle, check out this 8”x6” Laser cut and engraved wood octopus and ship’s wheel design from TomaCraftPlace on Etsy. It’ll be perfect for your beach home or bathroom decor.

round wooden carved art of octopus with nautical anchor

These 12.75”x12.75” black walnut 3D carvings of an octopus wrapped around an anchor are a real eye-catcher. They’ll add a touch of flair and a whole lot of personality to your den, or even on your porch that overlooks the bay. It would make a fin-tastic gift for your loved ones for the holidays, and you can purchase it from WattsWorkshopDE on Etsy.

outdoor post with an octopus figure on top

While our specialty is indoor railings, we know many of you also have outdoor rails and fencing. If you’re looking for something to snazz up your exterior as well, check out these octopus themed Post Caps from PostCapMan on Etsy! They fit 4”x4” fence posts and would make a great decoration to your beachfront properties or dock.

sea glass balls for home decor

If you’re into all things nautical, we bet you’re looking for some truly unique pieces to match those gorgeous new nautical themed rails and stairs you requested us to install. If subtle is what you’re after, consider adding these beautiful sea glass drawer knobs by TheRubbishRevival on Etsy to your hallway cabinets and sideboards. They’ll make a great compliment to your octopus decor!

octopus door handle, metal

Update your home’s door knobs and handles to include a special treasure from the depths below! CrytstalWhispersAus has just the thing. These gorgeous vintage octopus door knobs will look as though you’ve journeyed 20,000 leagues under the sea, but you’ll actually be nice and cozy right in your own home!

octopus baskets for storage

This fabric storage basket with an octopi and other ocean life pattern on it is perfect for stowing away your belongings in the hallway. If you’ve got a large landing, this will fit perfectly in the corner as a catch-all for the kids' stuff as they go up and down the stairs. It’s available on Amazon for a real steal, too, and comes in two sizes/shapes to fit your needs.

blue outside door with metal octopus door knocker

As contractors, we go in and out of a lot of homes, but we always remember the ones who make a curious first impression from the moment we walk through the door. Check out this incredible Rustic Octopus Aesthetic Door Knocker from EarthlyEssentialsInc on Etsy! You can forgo the leap into the digital realm by doing away with your Ring camera, and save lots of money! If nautical nonsense be something ye wish, this surely will do the trick! Visitors will be stunned by the gorgeous detail and won’t resist using the knock ring to announce their presence.

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