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Holiday Gift Guide for Carpenters and DIYers

Get your favorite handyman a gift that will really knock their socks off this year. We’ve scoured the internet to find you the best deals on the best gadgets. The Pinto Carpentry Gift Guide series is here to help take the guesswork out of gift giving to your favorite woodworkers and carpenters. We’ve got impressive power tools, top tech gadgets, and full sets of tools on today’s holiday gift suggestion guide This list is full of “the big guns”, for those special people in your life where you’re pulling out all the stops, and there’s no measure too large to show your love! (They’d also make great group-payment options for joint gifts with family and friends.)

Handy Holiday Gifts for the Power Tool and DIY Project Lover in Your Life

This premium tool set from DEWALT comes with 3 brushless tools, a charger, two batteries, and a carrying bag! The DCW600 compact router, DCS33f Jig saw, and DCW210 5-in orbital sander will make any carpenter or contractor beam with pride. It’s a beautiful set available at Lowes for about $400.

We are obsessed with this 3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure and Laser Measure tool from ACEGMET. The DTX-10 laser measure provides precise measurements, with flexibility to opt for manual tape measure as needed. Plus, the tool also features replaceable tape so you can swap out any worn or damaged tape over time. It also syncs seamlessly with a proprietary app, so you can manage all of your projects with the touch of a screen on your smartphone or tablet device. Available on Amazon for under $250.

The Nedo Winkeltronic Digital Angle Finder (600mm) is available at Engineer Warehouse for under $400. It has a flexible angle measuring tool with included level and durable carrying case for portability.

A heavy duty, powerful wet-dry vacuum is a must have for any workbench or workshop. With a powerful 4HP motor and 5Gal capacity, the Dewalt Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum is a great option. It features built-in handles and four swiveling caster wheels for easy movement and storage. Ideal for home use or small shops. Available in Home Depot for under $150.

We love to buy quality, long-lasting goods for our daily use, and this Stronghold Master Carpenter Case by Occidental Leather shop is just that! While the price tag may seem a little high, you’re paying for expert craftsmanship, generous storage, unparalleled durability for daily use, and impressive longevity. It includes a removable clip-on tape pouch, special holsters and tool shields, zipper bags for small bits and parts, and plenty of storage. Get the best of form, function, and “fashion” right here.

While these may look like child’s playthings or miniatures for a doll’s house, they’re actually fully functional tools designed for small features and detail work. The Veritas Miniature Tool Sets from Lee Valley are designed for real-world use where full-size tools wuld be impractical. They’re 1:3 scale versions of the company’s full-size tools, and fully functional in applications such as inlay work, hardware installation, sharpening small blades, and more. Get them here for under $500.

This Bauer 12in Variable-speed Drill Press with Laser Alignment is an upgrade to your standard manual options. The digital speed display clearly shows the exact RPM, and the laser alignment system ensures expert accuracy and perfect hole alignments. Features a powerful 2/3HP, 6/2 amp motor with variable speeds from 580RPM to 3200RPM. Includes built-in LED worklight for safety. Available at Harbor Freight for under $300.

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