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Upgrade Your Home’s Interior Design with Beautiful Stair Railings.

Updated: Jun 28

Pinto Carpentry can help you find the perfect style!

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Since a staircase is a focal point in any room, having the railings refreshed can make all the difference in your home’s look and feel easy. Let us guide you through some of the contemporary updates in railing style that can update the interior of your home.

Here’s a YouTube Video Example of different styles of railing systems:

Need a little help whittling down your choices? No problem! We understand that as a homeowner you may be overwhelmed with options by searching sites like Pinterest or Houzz or even HGTV. So we thought it would be great to give you some starting points for inspiration by pairing different shapes of railing, newels, and balusters with points of visual interest such as glass, cable, and metal, as well as playing with stain and paint.

Check out these suggestions to narrow down your options for stair railings:

● Adding glass panels to a railing crafted from a rich, dark wood or dark metal, such as wrought iron, is great for homes that have a lot of natural light, or a central staircase near an entryway with large windows or sliding glass doors. It opens up the room by allowing more light in and adds a beautiful elegance to any decor. You can even add a little texture to the aesthetic with frosted glass, etched glass, or even tinted glass.

● If you’re looking for something more classic with a pop of visual interest you may wish to opt for a beautiful custom carved wooden railing in something like walnut, maple, red oak, or white oak and a clear varnish for a natural look. Or you can opt for a darker stain such as red mahogany or black walnut for more drama. Pairing the varnished or stained wood with bright white or cream-colored newels adds contrast and clean, timeless touch of brightness.

● Perhaps you’re an indecisive interior decorator, and your home’s look changes with the seasons, or at least once a year to evolve with ongoing trends. Try something clean and modern such as straight, squared-off rails with matte black metal square newels and balusters.

● For a punch of contemporary minimalist style, a combination of metal, cable, and wood is a gorgeous feature that works with just about any color scheme. By pairing a rounded wood railing with thick black balusters and black or silver cable wire between, you’ll add effortless geometric interest that compliments any decor.

● For the homeowner who is looking to update their home without breaking the bank, but keep a neutral look to help with the resale value, a traditional square post and square newels with a simple double handrail in painted white makes a great option! It helps make the home look clean and bright, and is neutral enough for any incoming homeowners to customize it with paint as they see fit. Paired with a white staircase and natural wood stain finish treads you’ll have a simple, clean, traditional aesthetic

Still, feeling a little unsure of which looks best? Call Pinto Carpentry and schedule a consultation. Our expert carpenters have decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge to help you put the finishing touches on your family’s beloved home. We can help you sift through the many options and elements of design, and find the perfect custom options for you.

Here’s a gallery of some of our past work for more inspiration:

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