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National Hiking Day: Great Local Hiking Trails in New Jersey

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

It’s National Hiking Day, and we’re here to celebrate with a list of amazing places to hike in New Jersey! There are so many reasons why you should consider adding hiking and trail walking to your exercise and movement regimen.

two women on hiking trail with gear and backpacks

Did you know that walking and hiking can help prevent heart disease and blood pressure issues? It’s been shown that hiking benefits by raising your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure, and improving your circulation. Spending time immersed in the sights and sounds of nature can also provide stress relief, improve your mood, and reduce symptoms of anxiety. Additionally, regular walking and hiking patterns can help you sleep better, build your endurance, help increase your joint and muscle strength, and even improve your balance! Let’s get our blood pumping and improve our health and wellness by exploring the great Garden State.

person in yellow jacket and umbrella walking on trail with trees on both sides

We love living and working here in New Jersey, and exploring all of the places that make it such an incredible state to live in. One of our favorite pastimes when we’re not working on carpentry projects is to explore the local parks and hiking trails! It’s wonderful to see the bold, tall, and beautiful trees and gorgeous landscapes, and remember where the woodworking materials we work with daily come from.

child in winter gear walking on a log with trees framing picture

Check out our picks for great local area hiking spots, and maybe we’ll see each other on the trails!

What sort of trees will you find on your hikes on these trails?

  • Red Japanese Maple

  • Red Maple

  • Norway Maple

  • Norway Crimson King Maple

  • Silver Maple

  • Sugar Maple

  • Yellow Buckeye

  • American Horsechestnut

  • Hickory Trees

  • Blue Atlans Cedar

  • False Cypress Trees

  • European Beech Trees

  • American Beech Trees

  • Green Ash Trees

  • Honey Locust

  • American Holly

  • Black Walnut

  • Sweetgum

  • Southern Magnolia

  • Colorado Spruce

  • Eastern White Pine

  • Scotch Pine

  • White Oak

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